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We launder anything, impeccably.

Towels, uniforms, delivery bags, yoga mats, and more. Whatever you need cleaned, we'll do it.

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Unbeatable towel cleaning

Over a million towels cleaned for our partners, delighting customers at London's top gyms, spas and wellness centres.

  • Your fluffiest towels ever - our Ozone technology ensures your towels feel softer, smell better and look whiter

  • Save money with towels that last 3x longer

  • Never run out of towels again with our fully managed, zero admin service

Spotless uniform cleaning

Keep your brand looking its best with spotless workwear and uniforms. From daily wear to heavy-duty workwear, we have the specialist equipment to handle any type of garment

  • Fresh and spotless results every time - state-of-the-art methods removing even the toughest stains

  • Save money with uniforms that last 3x longer

  • Fresh uniforms every day with on-site deliveries Mon - Sat

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Expert garment cleaning

Over 3 million garments laundered and dry cleaned at our state-of-the-art Balham facility. Our expert highly-trained team are experienced in luxury and designer items

  • Sustainable cleaning technologies ensure garments last 3x longer

  • Hassle-free collection - Don't waste time booking in individual items

  • In-house repair service with our expert tailor

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Towel sourcing and rental

Take the stress out of towels. Let our towel-loving team source the best towels for your business. Whether you're ready to show off your brand with personalised towels, or avoid large up-front costs with rental, we'll find you towels to wow your customers.

  • Show off your brand with personalised top-quality towels

  • Save on large up-front payments with our towel rental service

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Bespoke item cleaning

No need to hunt for specialists for difficult items. If you have it, we'll launder it. Chat to a member of our expert team to see how we can help your business.

  • Bulky items - lift curtains, rugs

  • Gym equipment - yoga mats, aerial silks

  • Delivery wear - helmets, rider gloves


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