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The Ultimate Guide to Laundry Symbols

Unlocking the secrets of clothing care is a journey defined by the subtle language of washing symbols. These unassuming icons carry the wisdom of fabric care, guiding us toward preserving the integrity of our attire. Welcome to the "Guide to Laundry Symbols," your compass for unraveling the mysteries of laundry mastery.

In this guide, we'll decipher the meanings behind these symbols, unravel fabric-specific techniques, and provide pragmatic advice for elevating your laundry game. By the end, you'll confidently decipher any washing symbol, ensuring your garments receive the meticulous care they merit.

Why Laundry Symbols Matter: Elevating Your Garment Care

Understanding laundry symbols is a bit like having a secret recipe for successful garment care. It prevents you from accidentally shrinking your favourite sweater or fading the colours of your beloved dress. They provide valuable information about how to wash, dry, and iron your clothes correctly. By following these symbols, you're not only ensuring that your clothes look their best but also prolonging their lifespan. Meaning you won't have to replace your favourite items as often, saving you money in the long run.

Understanding Laundry Symbols: Decoding Your Clothing's Language

Washing Symbols

Most people know you should separate your whites from your colours, but what about washing temperature? Have a look at the label to make sure the clothes are suitable for machine washing, and use the symbols below to work out which wash you should use:

Some clothes can’t be washed, or need to be washed by hand. If you’re not comfortable with hand-washing, you could always send your clothes to us, and we’ll take good care of them! Look out for these symbols:

Tumble Dry Symbols

So, your clothes are super clean and soaking wet. What next?

Look for these symbols to see if your clothes can be tumble-dried:

Ironing Symbols

Once your laundry is clean and dry, you’ll want to give it that crisp, crease-free finish with an iron. Use the symbols below to work out if your garments can be ironed, and at what temperature!

Cotton and linen clothes can usually be ironed at quite a high temperature, while wools and cotton have to be pressed on a medium heat. Silk, nylon and polyester clothing can be damaged if the iron’s too hot, and will need a low temperature (as will beaded garments – see our tips on caring for embellished garments).

Bleach Symbols

Some clothes can be bleached as a part of washing, especially when you’re after those extra-dazzling whites. These symbols will let you know if bleaching is an option:

Dry Cleaning Symbols

You should always look out for the symbols below, though – if you see any of these, your clothes should be professionally cleaned. Just send them to us and our experienced team will take care of them.

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